How to Enjoy the Best Day in Castle Crags State Park

Northern California is abundant with natural beauty and awe-inspiring landscapes. One such location is a relatively hidden gem known as Castle Crags. Located just a short distance from Interstate 5 in Northern California, this 170 million-year-old natural feature not only boasts some of the state’s most striking views, but also many exciting outdoor activities for visitors. During your next stay with us in Dunsmuir, here’s why you should consider spending a day in Castle Crags State Park.

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4 of the Best Things to Do in Castle Crags

1. Castle Crags Hiking Trails

Whether you’re craving a mild stroll or challenging trek, your next adventure awaits in Castle Crags State Park! There are over 28 miles of hiking trails that wind through the park’s 6,000 feet tall granite spires and the Castle Crags wilderness. The most popular of these trails is Crags Trail, a 6.5-mile journey that climbs over 2,500 feet and provides jaw-dropping views from the base of Castle Dome. If you’re looking for a more simple hike, the Root Creek Trail is perfect! The 4.5-mile loop is lightly trafficked and mostly used for walking and trail running all year-round.

Use the Castle Crags hiking trail map to discover even more trails in the park and start planning your next trek through the Northern California wilderness.

2. Trout Fishing

The Sacramento River flows right through Castle Crags State Park and offers several access points for fishermen. Catch-and-release is permitted year-round with a valid fishing license. Trout season usually begins at the end of April, so you’ll be most likely to enjoy a successful fishing excursion from late spring and throughout the summer season.  

3. Geocaching

Geocaching is a popular modern-day activity that combines the feel of online games with an old-fashioned treasure hunt. While you’re exploring Castle Crags State Park, use a GPS or smartphone to find hidden locations and containers that hold small prizes. It’s a blast for people of all ages and a memorable experience you can all enjoy together.

4. Castle Crags Climbing

Rock climbing is quickly growing to become a very popular outdoor activity, and Castle Crags provides plenty of exhilarating opportunities to enjoy this pastime. A small area known as Pin Cushion Wall is one of the top areas in the park for rock climbing. The placement of the cracks in the solid rock requires more creative and strategic thinking. It’s a challenging experience that no avid outdoorsman would want to skip.

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Featured Photo Credit: kcbiii/Getty Images