Why You Need to Visit the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens

The flora and fauna of northern California is truly something to behold. During your stay with us at Railroad Park Resort, we highly recommend immersing in our region’s natural beauty at the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens. This local attraction is one of the best northern California botanical gardens and provides visitors with the chance to leave their worries behind and refresh their mind surrounded by California’s beautiful blooms and ornamentals. Read on to learn more about the Dunsmuir garden and how to plan your visit.

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Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens Mission Statement

The Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens is a non-profit organization that is dedicated enhancing the natural setting of our city for the enjoyment and horticultural education of the public. They achieve this through the establishment and continual maintenance of native and woodland plants.

History of the Garden

In the 1990’s, Dunsmuir found itself in the midst of a population and economy decline due to the dwindling presence of the railroad industry that created it. In order to save their town, a group of loyal citizens started the Community Revitalization Committee to brainstorm ideas that would strengthen Dunsmuir’s economic base. A few garden club members who were in attendance recognized the potential for a garden in the region’s forested setting bordered by the Sacramento River. In 1992, the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens Committee was formed and volunteers began working to make their visions for a beautiful garden a reality.

After many years of renovations and additions, the garden has become one of Dunsmuir’s most-visited attractions and a must-see for nature lovers from all over the nation.

What You’ll See at the Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens

Located in the heart of Dunsmuir City Park, the botanical gardens is the perfect spot to appreciate the natural beauty of our region. During your visit, you’ll come across a wide variety of colorful plants and flowers such as the bicolor monkshood and the strawberry tree. You’ll also have the opportunity to wander down walking trails that meander through the park, watch fish swim in a blue ribbon trout stream, and let your kids run and play in the meadow. The Rock Garden is also a great place to see native plant species as well as plants from other other corners of the globe. It’s a feast for the eyes that is sure to become one of the highlights of your Dunsmuir vacation.

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