Get Excited for the Hike From Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls

Mossbrae Falls is known as one of the most scenic cascades in Siskiyou County. Hidden away in the forests of Dunsmuir, this local attraction has brought awe and inspiration to all who have seen it. While access to the falls is difficult without crossing private property, the falls are located on the Sacramento River and are open to visitors. The City of Dunsmuir is working on a plan to build a trail from Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls to make access safer and easier. To help get you excited about this upcoming attraction, here is everything you need to know about the falls and what you can expect to see.

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The Mossbrae Falls Experience

Although the waterfall is not easily accessible without trespassing on the railroad tracks, several visitors have taken the chance to see the beautiful falls for themselves. A footpath along the Dunsmuir train tracks has been the most popular way to get there, even though it can be extremely dangerous when a train passes by. Some hikers have been forced to jump the short distance into the Sacramento River below or press against the canyon wall to avoid the train.

However, those who have reached the falls agree that the journey was well worth it! One hiker described it as “the most beautiful experience of her life.” The falls are made up of dozens of small cascades from the springs above. The water tumbles over a wide, moss-covered rock face and into the deep pools below. You may choose to admire the falls from the distance or get a front row seat on the large boulders along the banks.

Please note that the Railroad Park Resort does not advocate trespassing on the railroad tracks to get to Mossbrae Falls.

Plans for a New Trail

For years, the city of Dunsmuir has been working with the Mount Shasta Trail Association to provide a safe and exciting trail from Hedge Creek Falls to Mossbrae Falls. Renowned landscape architect Tom Hesseldenz has been heavily involved in this project and looks forward to seeing it come to full fruition. As of now, the plans indicate that the trail to Mossbrae Falls will begin right at Hedge Creek Falls. From there, the half-mile boardwalk will lead hikers over the river to the Mossbrae. They can choose to enjoy the view from the boardwalk or continue down towards the beach. Negotiations are being made with the Saint German Foundation, a local organization that owns a sliver of the land upon which the trail will be built. Nobody knows for sure whether the Mossbrae Falls trail will be built or when it will open, but both locals and visitors alike look forward to learning more about these exciting plans!

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Photo Credit: Strongkrod/Getty Images